The delivery of healthcare is more complex than ever before. With the rapid implementation of electronic medical records systems, the increase in hospitalist-based patient care, and the pressure to increase productivity, the potential for error permeates all aspects of healthcare. An adverse event or medical error can interfere with the provision of medical care and can result in litigation. The health care attorneys at Coots, Henke & Wheeler can help you and your organization manage medical risk while advancing patient safety and preserving financial resources.

Our lawyers provide education on the recognition of potential risk exposure and offer proactive strategies to avoid or prevent medical errors. Unfortunately, despite all reasonable medical intervention, good results cannot be guaranteed and there is always the potential for a bad outcome. Reactive risk management minimizes loss or damage after an adverse event occurs.   We assist medical providers through the process of investigation and early injury review, maintenance of the provider/patient relationship and assistance in compliance with full disclosure policies. Our team of healthcare lawyers is committed to helping you make providing high quality medical care in a safe environment your top priority.  If you are a medical professional and need legal assistance, contact John Maurovich to discuss your legal needs.