The real estate attorneys at Coots, Henke & Wheeler provide comprehensive legal services to individuals and businesses contemplating the purchase and/or sale of residential or commercial real estate. Our experienced attorneys can assist and advise you at every stage of a transaction, starting from the negotiation of the terms, drafting of documentation, and completion of due diligence, to the eventual closing of the transaction.

In addition, when complex issues arise in any given transaction, our attorneys are experienced in resolving such issues prior to any litigation being initiated. However, when such issues cannot be resolved, our attorneys are experienced in representing our clients in litigation involving real estate disputes.

The attorneys at Coots, Henke & Wheeler also provide representation for our clients in the areas of eminent domain and condemnation. When a governmental entity has initiated the process to “take” a portion of our client’s real estate, we can provide the assistance and knowledge to obtain just compensation for our clients.

We also devote a significant percentage of our real estate practice to assisting our clients in the land use, planning, and zoning legal areas. Our attorneys are experienced with representing our clients before local planning and zoning authorities throughout the State of Indiana to obtain any necessary governmental approvals for contemplated development of real estate. Whether it be a rezone, conditional use, variance, replat, subdivision, and/or partitioning of real estate, we are readily available to assist our clients in accomplishing their real estate goals.

We take great pride in being able to consult, advise, and represent our clients to the completion and realization of their visions with regard to real estate development.

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