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Mediation In Central Indiana

Over the years, Coots, Henke & Wheeler, P.C., has continued to grow and adapt to the needs of its clients and communities. As mediation becomes more popular, and in many cases required by judges, CHW’s experienced trial attorneys have served as mediators.

Mediators can successfully resolve conflicts in almost every area, including: business and commercial transactions, community and neighborhood association conflicts, creditor/debtor relations, discrimination and sexual harassment claims, legal disputes, divorce, marital and domestic issues, real estate claims, and health care issues. Clients have mediated with the attorneys at CHW since 2002 because we are respected for the quality of the work we provide, the ethical standards we uphold, and personal service we administer.

Mediator Services And Mediation Hosting

Coots, Henke & Wheeler has a designated mediation space to provide central Indiana lawyers, judges, and clients with a location in the heart of Carmel, Indiana, to mediate civil and domestic legal disputes.

Mediation is a confidential process where disputes are resolved. All of our highly qualified mediators are registered civil or domestic mediators by the Indiana Commission for Continuing Legal Education. Mediation offers flexibility to resolve disputes creatively between the parties involved rather than settlement by a trial or hearing.

The following attorneys are registered civil mediators at CHW:

  • E. Davis Coots
  • Jeffrey S. Zipes
  • Matthew L. Hinkle
  • Brandi A. Gibson
  • Betsy Sommers

The following attorneys are registered domestic relations mediators at CHW:

  • Brandi A. Gibson
  • Jenna L. Heavner

Explore Mediation

If you are interested in mediating your dispute, call 317-708-4819 to arrange a consultation with one of our mediators, or reach out online.