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Public Entity/Government

At Coots, Henke & Wheeler, we provide our public entity clients with legal representation in myriad areas, from risk management and claim avoidance to representation in federal and state court systems throughout Indiana. Our attorneys are well-versed in public sector laws affecting governmental entities and their employees. Experienced government law attorneys staff our public entity law department.

Our representation of public entities also includes complex areas of federal and state law impacting:

  • Constitutional law claims
  • Public officials liability
  • Police liability
  • Employment practices liability
  • General liability and vehicle accidents
  • Education and training
  • Property and subrogation
  • Zoning and land disputes

One of the more frequently litigated areas of our public entity practice involves law enforcement liability claims. In these matters, we assist sheriffs, sheriffs’ deputies, police chiefs, police officers and corrections officers accused of civil rights violations and tort claims, including 1983 actions, false arrest, false imprisonment, excessive force, due process violations and other charges of inappropriate conduct.

Our lawyers have handled difficult issues confronting clients ranging from large cities to smaller towns and townships. We have handled numerous catastrophic loss, death and serious bodily injury claims at the trial court and appellate levels.

We provide educational seminars to public entities and their insurance carriers in various areas, including 1983 civil rights laws, employment discrimination and claims governed by the Indiana Tort Claims Act. Call 317-708-4819 or contact our law office online.