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Civil Mediation Services

Mediation is quick, private, fair, and inexpensive compared to a lawsuit. Most mediation sessions last only a few hours or a day, depending on the type of case. In contrast, lawsuits often take many months, or even years, to resolve. In many disputes, the mediator’s neutral perspective enables the parties to take a fresh look at the conflict and at potential solutions in order to move past a standstill. A mediator will help the parties develop an effective communication and negotiation process.

Advantages of Mediation over Litigation:

  • Avoiding excessive expense, time, and stress
  • Informally identifying the concrete problems that need resolution
  • Confidentially surfacing and resolving emotional issues that interfere with agreement
  • Guiding discussion so that people and issues do not become polarized
  • Bringing out common interests
  • Reducing bitterness, hostility, anger, and resistance
  • Involving parties in collaborative problem solving and planning
  • Parties controlling the outcome rather than the judge or jury
  • Preserving personal dignity and respect so that agreements last
  • Preventing future conflicts through conflict systems design techniques
  • Resolving a dispute in a non-adversarial way so that important relationships are repaired and preserved

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